Paris la nuit

Paris is a magical city, one of my favourite places on earth. When the sun goes down you feel like everything is possible there. It’s a timeless place and you can imagine how it would have been to be there during the Revolution, la Belle Époque, the 60’s and 70’s… I definately need to come back real soon.

Paris 212

Paris 219


Paris 251

Paris 549

París es una ciudad mágica, uno de mis lugares favoritos del mundo. Cuando el sol se pone sientes que allí todo es posible. En una ciudad atemporal donde puedes imaginarte cómo habría sido estar allí durante la Revolución, la Belle Epoque, los 60 y los 70… Definitivamente tengo que volver pronto a esta maravillosa ciudad.


Back to Reality

…or post vacational depression… snif snif.
I would rather think in summer good times…
I know I have been disconnected for so long but I really hope you all come “chez moi” in the new season. I will try to prepare good pics to show you, but for the moment this is just a quick “hello”, kinda life proof.
The fact is that I am quite sad right now that holidays are over, and I just can think of the summer nights, parties, friends, family, sun…
This is sum up of my holidays:

Ice Creammmmmmm mmmmmm…

Books (and fashion issues, of course)


Please, give me some days to get used to the office and the computer.
Thanks for reading!