Find the difference…

And following with the Haute Couture from Paris, let’s see the difference between the different designers.

A make up session should be aimed to make you look gorgeus, theorically…
While in Lacroix….
The result is this…

In Givenchy…
The result is a bit different…
And in the runway…
The power of colour…
mmm, how can I say it… the lack of colour

I must say that I have always been a fan of Givenchy collections, but honestly I haven’t liked this one very much 😦
I love the colours and the joy that this collection irradiates…
Hope you liked this!
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Backstage Life

Before the show…


Solving Rubik’s cube

Playing cards
Taking a cat nap
The weekend is almost here! Two days for sleeping, reading fashion issues, starting a new book, making love and cooking cupcakes! Don’t you love stay-at-home-weekends?