Steven Klein

Controversial photographer from Rhode Island.
He has created iconic images of our time by subverting our notions of glamour, fame, and beauty.
Always exploding our expectations of contemporary photography.
I have gathered some of his most representative pictures, where you will find some common features in his job: bed, swimming-pool and horses.
Madonna, Brad Pitt and the Beckhams, are part of his muse characters.

Have a nice week.


23 pensamientos en “Steven Klein

  1. Anna dice:

    Love the photos with the horses.

  2. Couture Carrie dice:

    I love his work, especially the Beckham photos!

    Faaaabulous post!


  3. coco dice:

    His editorials in W are always the best. I love his work.

  4. Mash dice:

    I love his work , stunning pictures ❤
    thank you for sharing this with us 🙂

  5. Allure dice:

    He’s not my favourite photographer, but I do appreciatte his work.

  6. Cris Lazoru dice:

    Amazing! he is so provocative


  7. Carlotta dice:

    love the naomi pic, he’s very talented and his photos are so powerful!

  8. thimbles and gingham dice:

    i’d never heard of him before seeing this. thankyou.

  9. Hanako66 dice:

    I love his work….he is just amazing. Great post!

  10. Shaz dice:

    love the photos!

    the Kevin ferderline one with the slit throat really creeped me out though.

  11. Scattered dice:

    i love steven klein, but hes not my favorite photographer named steven haha

  12. Anna Pope dice:

    I love his style, so edgy, crisp and powerful. Gorgeous photos!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I always always wish for 12hours of sleep and enjoy every minute of it 😀

  13. dapper kid dice:

    Edgy and oh so fantastic, his work is always stunning!

  14. The Clothes Horse dice:

    Some of these are hits for me, others are misses. I like controversy when it has a point.

  15. La Mimi dice:

    What a great collection of photos;)
    thank you for sharing with us


  16. Sunniva dice:

    I love his work. You’ve chosen some amazing photos! I adore the photo of Angelina in bed with a drink xoxo

  17. M* dice:

    Thanks! Love the pictures

  18. hannah dice:

    i really enjoy his photography. i love that he doesnt do the normal posed celebrity photos, he makes them interesting. beautiful.

  19. Meg dice:

    Such interesting photos. I like the ones with horses, but I’m probably biased.

  20. KIRAFASHION dice:

    wow, amazing!!!

    thanks a lot for this great post!

  21. michelle dice:

    Controversial & sexual photography? I'm definitely down 🙂

  22. susie miller dice:

    so amazing!


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