Pirelli Calendar 1999

Hi there!
I have always loved the Pirelli calendar, it is a shame it is so difficult to get a copy (you see why I do wanna be a socialite!!).
In 1999, photogrpher Herb Ritts captured the image of the 12 main top models of that time reflecting the ambience of the different decades of the century that was coming to an end. The result was great, I love each picture of this calendar. Have a look at it.

Chandra North directly from the end of XIX century. Don’t you think she looks like Kate Moss in this picture?

Sophie Dhal for the first decade of the XXth century.

Karen Elson. It is a shame that her beautiful red head does not show in black and white pictures. Second decade and heart-shaped lips.

Michele Hicks showing the crazy twenties. She looks like a cat here.

Carolyn Murphy as a Hollywood star from the 30’s, glorious times.

Shirley Mallman as a sex symbol from the 40’s.

Laetitia Casta, a gorgeus pin up from the 50’s

Audrey Marnay and the californinan hippy mood from the 60’s.

Elsa Benítez in the 70’s with the racial spirit of freedom.

Briget Hall. Studio 54, supermodels, fierceness and attitude from the 80’s.

Angela Lindvall with the minimalism and simplicity of the 90’s.

The future before our eyes with Alek Wek.

Hope you liked this! Did you know all the models? You can see Karen, who is back on the runways of the fashion weeks, Carolyn who signed for Estee Lauder, Laetitia for L’Oreal, and some others who continue doing campaigns and other who have retired.
Have a nice week!

22 pensamientos en “Pirelli Calendar 1999

  1. Anna Pope dice:

    These are amazing!!

  2. captivateme dice:

    these are so fabulous–I have such a soft spot for striking black and whites like these 🙂

  3. coco dice:

    Great images.

  4. * Fashion Dreamer * dice:

    Amazing images!! Great post

  5. REread dice:

    excellent pics … very cool post

  6. michelle dice:

    wow, utterly stunning!

  7. janettaylor dice:

    Perfect photos! 🙂

  8. Allure dice:

    I’ve never seen these pics before, thanks for sharing!! they’re fantastic

  9. Couture Carrie dice:



  10. dapper kid dice:

    Oh wow these are so stunning!

  11. Victoria C dice:

    At first glance I just assumed these were vintage images, can’t believe they are supermodels from today. So beautiful xx

  12. Bella dice:

    These images are so gorgeously done… and it always amazed me the way the perfectly drawn-on lips could exude such power.


  13. Mari dice:

    Amazing pictures, so FAB 😀


  14. The Clothes Horse dice:

    I’m not usually one for so much nudity, but these are a really cool interpretation of the decades. I think I like the 60s makeup the best.

  15. Miss at la Playa dice:

    you can’t imagine how much money they pay the photographer that shots this calendar…

  16. Styleseeking Zurich dice:

    Ohh thank you so much for sharing these, hadn’t seen them before! I agree that the first model looks like Kate Moss in that picture! 🙂


  17. atelier dice:

    wow, Laetitia looks amazing! great pictures

  18. thestilettoeffect dice:

    The photos are amazing and to recreate the diff decades is very cool!

  19. hannah dice:

    stunning. the pirelli calendar is always incredible.

  20. Kira Fashion dice:

    Sexy women!
    It´s fascinating to see how beauty changes from times to times 🙂

    A kiss for you Charlotte!

    Happy Easter!


  21. Wolfgang dice:

    I am from Germany and I have 10 Pirelli Calendar from 1994, 1996 until 2004. Are you interested in that calendars?
    eMail-Address: wm_privat@web.de.
    I also have ” Das grösse Pirelly-Kalender Album” from 1964 – 1997.
    Please write to me if you are interested.
    Best regards
    Close to Dresden


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