When I grow up … I wanna be a Socialite

Walk along the red carpet…

Hang around with Daddy…

Hang around with Mummy…
Get Front-Row sits…

Pretend to be a DJ…

Steal mum’s clothes…
Not paying for my excess baggage…

Be chased by the paparazzi…

Mess around with my friends…

And party…

Have fun…

And party again…



Have a nice week.


33 pensamientos en “When I grow up … I wanna be a Socialite

  1. Kira Fashion dice:

    Love the post!! I may be a cool life 😉 hehhee

    about Penelope…I am so happy for her too! I am a huge fan of her work 🙂

  2. captivateme dice:

    haha, great post! Love these images 🙂

  3. Stephanie dice:

    Great POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All these pictures are soo great!
    Jane Birkin and Lou look sooooooo much alike!
    Julia is soo gorgeous, I would love to spend a day with her and Miss Carine and a night with Julia and her brother, Vladimir, and his gf Lily Donaldson.


  4. Allure dice:

    I can’t help but love Alexa

  5. dapper kid dice:

    It would be rather busy, but OH so much fun!! Haha I’m thinking I am in need of some smart red trousers now.

  6. Couture Carrie dice:

    Que post tan fabuloso, C!

    It’s fun to dream 🙂


  7. Styleseeking Zurich dice:

    You assemebelled really nice pics, sometimes i envy them, too! 🙂


  8. Crave dice:

    I wouldn’t mind myself! Such a fun post!

  9. Maria dice:

    Fabulous post!!
    it’s a dream!!!
    A socialite day… sometimes i think about it too.


  10. Elizabeth Marie dice:

    So cute! I want to be a socialite toooooo….

    Yay Penelope…I just blogged about her too!

  11. Just me dice:

    And me too !!! *.*

  12. Marian dice:

    hehhehe fun fun fun post! the coolest blog post title too.
    muah x

  13. Erika dice:

    So do I. I can’t think of anything more luxurious than being a socialite.

  14. rebeca dice:

    Alexa Chung(L)

  15. Hannah is Narnia's Closet dice:

    haha adorable post! very cute! ❤

  16. dapper kid dice:

    Unfortunately not yet, I haven’t had a chance to go shopping!! I have my eye on a pair in Uniqlo though, they look pretty cool.

  17. ♥ fashion chalet dice:

    Great pictures ❤

    The verification word this time? dogisonc, has it something to do with the pics of the dog? 😛

    hmmm? not really sure how that works, but maybe so?? =]

    xx thanks!

  18. Jessica dice:

    great post ! i agree ! They seem to be living the big life. Lucky them.

  19. C a t r i n a dice:

    HUH, amazing post!
    Loved those pic’s.

  20. Dooder City dice:

    Great photos. I don’t know, their lives aren’t that interesting although their closets must be stocked with great clothes. I find MK and A the most intriguing because they really worked hard all of their lives for what they have. They worked for like 20 years! Geez. I hadn’t seen a lot of those photos before. Great post.

  21. Dexter dice:

    What a fun post, lol, you basically have all the knowledge needed to be one of them, you know how to act:)

  22. miky dice:

    so nice post i have had funn reading it!!!


  23. ana b. dice:

    You forgot “And have tons of money!”

  24. Nath dice:

    Lovely pics !
    And Yeah I’m very Happy for Penelope too !!

  25. The Clothes Horse dice:

    Me too! I want to steal their wardrobes especially.

  26. kaitlyn dice:

    me too dude. meeee too. hopefully we’ll both be on the red carpet soon. =] love your blog.

  27. iñaki dice:

    Haha don't we all?
    Ash & MK, Alexa? Maybe you're aiming too high 😛


  28. Dani dice:

    I wanna be a socialite too!jjaaj
    Have a nice day!

  29. Meg dice:

    My life would probably be a lot different if I was a socialite, that’s for sure. By the way, stop by my blog because there is a little something for you there.

  30. BlueKlein dice:

    me puedo unir a ti en ser socialite??jajaj

    un beso!

  31. Sunniva dice:

    I love this post! Ahh the joys of being a socialite..I’ll definitely join you in your pursuit of becoming one 😉 xox

  32. P@TRICI@ dice:

    Me ha encantado el post y sobre todo el final, con mi Pe y su oscar.


  33. iñaki dice:

    Matthew Williamson looks amazing!



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