Find the difference…

And following with the Haute Couture from Paris, let’s see the difference between the different designers.

A make up session should be aimed to make you look gorgeus, theorically…
While in Lacroix….
The result is this…

In Givenchy…
The result is a bit different…
And in the runway…
The power of colour…
mmm, how can I say it… the lack of colour

I must say that I have always been a fan of Givenchy collections, but honestly I haven’t liked this one very much 😦
I love the colours and the joy that this collection irradiates…
Hope you liked this!
I am very proud to say that I received my second award! Strawberry Fields also thinks this bog is Fabulous! You should check hers as well.This Scottish curly haired girls has much to say 😉
And I don’t forget my very first award from Meg and her blog Pudding and Pie
Hope you did it ok in your mid term today!

I am supposed to tag some other bloggers. I do not know who has been already tagged but anyway here are my “fabulous” ones:

Hannah from Hannah Couture
Allure from Allure-Allure
Iñaki from So Vip Zone
Blonde Hair… from Blonde Hair Blue Jeans
Take care and Besos!

21 pensamientos en “Find the difference…

  1. captivateme dice:

    congrats on your award, darling!!

  2. Meg dice:

    I love colours for spring! Much more than a collection made entirely of neutrals. Congrats on the other award. And I’m off to write my midterm in about four and a half hours. Hopefully it goes well!

  3. Elizabeth Marie dice:

    I love this blog! I definitely love the colors happening on the runways, the neutrals make me look like a zombie.
    And as a makeup artist-I LOVE that you brought that up!!! Fabulous! Have a lovely day dahhling! xoxo

  4. Dooder City dice:

    this is like eating a three course meal for me. wow, i am full.

  5. ♥ fashion chalet dice:

    hii, thank you =]
    and congrats on the award!<3

  6. Couture Carrie dice:

    Amazing post! Love the contrasts and the collages.

    Congrats on your awards, darling!


  7. * Fashion Dreamer * dice:

    Great award, love the Jacko pics in the Givenchy makeup pics 😀 I did like the collection though, there was one dress towards the end which was stunning. Congrats on your awards too

  8. The Clothes Horse dice:

    I so just posted on Lacroix too…mostly because he’s my savior. 🙂 He always has the best use of color in my opinion!

  9. Styleseeking Zurich dice:

    Hey thanks so much for your comment! I grabbed the last pair of the H&M boots in my size. I'm sure you would have worn them a lot if there was the second shoe, must have been very annoying! 😦


  10. Just me dice:

    wowo, amazing!!! love this pictures

  11. iñaki dice:

    Thanx a lot for the award, you’re a sweetheart!


  12. ana b. dice:

    I did enjoy the minimalism and pared-back austerity of this Givenchy couture collection. But alas my favourite look was the yellow dress – the only bit of colour!

    I definitely recommend gazing out the window for a couple of times a day. Even though it’s dead boring!

  13. dapper kid dice:

    Congrats on the awards 🙂 And you gotta love bright colours for spring!

  14. Teddy dice:

    what can i say¿?
    i´m with the power of colour!

  15. michelle dice:

    Fab photos! 😀

  16. hannah dice:

    thanks charlotte! you are too lovely.

  17. Crave dice:

    great recap! love the collection of photos!

    thanks for the comment on my blog as well!

  18. Bella dice:

    Oh, you completely deserve these awards babe.. your blog is ROCK’N!

    Always inspiring!

  19. Kira Fashion dice:

    I love both: colors and lack of colors 😉

    a kiss for you friend!

  20. Sunniva dice:

    Great post! I love the way the models in the Lacroix show were styled. And congrats on the awards, dear, you really deserve them xox

  21. Marian dice:

    Loving all these shots honey.just to let you know my blog has had a change in name and link.I am now at for whenever you want to swing by.
    muah x


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