J’adore Dior

Before the show, backstage fever…


And here we go…

Details of Dior’s magic…

Different perspectives….

This collection is beauty itself.

Take care,

Backstage Life

Before the show…


Solving Rubik’s cube

Playing cards
Taking a cat nap
The weekend is almost here! Two days for sleeping, reading fashion issues, starting a new book, making love and cooking cupcakes! Don’t you love stay-at-home-weekends?

Vogue US

I do not usually post about mags covers but today I felt like showing you this one.
In my opinion this is one of the best covers of US Vogue of the last months. I know, there is an excess of Photoshop in here but I like it. Maybe it is the colours, or the dress by Marc Jacobs, the red lipstick or the wavy hair… but I love it.

(souce Just Jared)

I am will to get me the February issue of Vogue France dedicated to Lara Stone!!!

Do you usually buy foreign magazine issues?