Peter Lindberg

Peter Lindbergh was born in Germany. He studied painting in an art school, but his real passion was the photography. He started working as an advertising photographer, afterwards he moved to Paris where he focused on fashion fotography.

His pics have been published in the most important fashion mags like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, he is closely related to Harper’s Bazaar, where we can find most of his jobs.

I love the use of the light in his portrait pictures. And it is curious that hes worked with the “naughty girls” of the moment (Paris and Nicole, Lindsay and the fake Amy)
Hope you enjoy this selection.

Back to Reality

…or post vacational depression… snif snif.
I would rather think in summer good times…
I know I have been disconnected for so long but I really hope you all come “chez moi” in the new season. I will try to prepare good pics to show you, but for the moment this is just a quick “hello”, kinda life proof.
The fact is that I am quite sad right now that holidays are over, and I just can think of the summer nights, parties, friends, family, sun…
This is sum up of my holidays:

Ice Creammmmmmm mmmmmm…

Books (and fashion issues, of course)


Please, give me some days to get used to the office and the computer.
Thanks for reading!